My  Power Hour  Zoom Calls

My power hour calls are ideal for you if your stuck in one area of your business. There are lots of formats to my power hour calls, here's just a few of the types of formats to my calls.

Finding your Niche

These days the internet is so much noisier and defining your niche market as “anyone who needs what I sell” just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Whether we want to be location-independent or not, our customers are choosing to be. There are better, faster, cheaper solutions, and they’re more and more comfortable taking advantage of global competition and technology.

Getting your dream customers’ attention is a straight-up daily battle.

The solution is to narrow down the segment of the market you target your offerings to. The more specific and narrow you get when defining your target customer, the easier it is to get those clients coming to you.

Creating a targeting income plan to reach your earnings goal

Objective of this session - To get a clear plan for you to reach your income goals.

Get clear on how to be spending your time over the next 6 months and set realistic goals to achieve this.

Finding your Ideal Client Avatar

Take a moment to think about your business, and who you would really love to see walking in the door.

Enter the ideal customer avatar. Knowing who you are specifically marketing to is essential in business. Lets work together and go through my ICA strategy and find out who's yours and more importantly where to find them online.

Marketing using your personal profiles

During this power hour session I will give your personal facebook profile an audit and tell you where you need to make improvements. We will then go through my strategy for selling by making the most of your profile and avoiding ad spend.

Using and setting up facebook groups

If you want to grow your audience and become and authority in your field, knowing how to use facebook groups is a game changer. During our power hour session, I will tell you my facebook group strategy and give you valuable tips for setting up and growing your own facebook group.