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Hey I'm Clare

Your Conscious Business Strategist and Digital Entrepreneur


I help hundreds of business owners, coaches & creatives across the world every month

through 1-2-1 & group mentoring & creating digital assets through my media agency.

My programmes and mentoring will get you


Powerful Results              Increase your revenue               Bring out that inner business goddess

The simple tools and techniques I teach you will radically transform your life


I'm Clare a spiritual bad ass entrepreneur, and yes I've definitely earned that awesome title, here is why....

I started my first business at the tender age of 21 and in January 2022 that will be 21 years in business.

(I know, I know hard to believe I'm so old)

Before I started in this crazy world of business, I worked in the corporate world as an IT trainer and here started my love of IT and more importantly teaching. 

Teaching others gives me joy, tons of joy.

My business mentoring business was born back in 2019 after building 4 x 6 figure businesses over the last 21 years in various different industries, and when I say varied I really do mean it!

If you want to look more at my business background and the types of businesses I've built check out the link below...

So I'm here to help you grow your businesses, I specifically help women in business get to that illusive 6 figure mark by teaching my 6 Steps to 6 Figure Mentoring Program.


I'm also a Reiki Master and The Universe is definitely my business bestie.  Over the last 10 years I have learnt how to tap into the Laws of the Universe to help me grow some pretty big businesses at a really fast rate. In my coaching I love to share my experiences and my techniques to help you do the same.


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