Work 1-2-1 With Clare

If your feeling stuck in your business and need to up-level working with a mentor who has done what you are trying to do is the way to break through and start to fill that diary with your ideal clients.

Over my last 20 years in business I have worked with many business mentors who have filled in the gaps in my knowledge and kept me accountable. 

I'd love to help move you on to that next level and business strategy in the online space is my zone of genius.

I work with Conscious Entrepreneurs across the globe to put some Soul into their businesses so that clients naturally gravitate towards you.

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If your feeling stuck and need a quick solution my Strategy Power Hours is the quickest and most inexpensive way to work 1-2-1 with me.

My 6 Steps to Success 1-2-1 Package £697
Payment Options Available

During 12 week 6 Steps to Success Package we will cover everything from Ideal Clients to Niching & Soul Strategy for your business. At the end of our time together you will know who you want to work with, how to sell your product or service and most important of all, how to get these ideal clients coming to you and your diaries will be consistency full.

We will work together every 2 weeks covering all the foundational business strategy needed to have a successful business that stands out in your area of expertise. 

My 6 Steps to Success Package consists of 6 x 90 Minute Zoom Calls.

Each session you will leave with solid strategies to move your business forward at lightening speed.

Some of the areas we will cover -

What is your Ideal Client and Where can you find them?

All about Niching and how this can be a game changer strategy in your business

How to use Facebook to fill those diaries without having to spend a penny on ads

Alignment, this is SO important when your a conscious entrepreneur, let's make sure your in total alignment and if your not let's change that now before you implement my strategies.

What is an 'Audience' and why you need one to sell your product or service. I will teach you the quickest strategies for building an audience full of your Ideal Clients.

Branding, Marketing your self and how to sell without Selling, Once you have everything else nailed down and you know the strategies to build your business in an online space, you now need to know how to market yourself online to stand out and how to sell without being spammy! Trust me theres some bad teaching out there in this area and not done correctly selling in the wrong way can destroy your business.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.